Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time To Catch Up

I have been VERY  busy these last few days and that's an understatement. I'll post a few catch up things.

Holley had surgery again yesterday to begin to repair her shattered knee. She is recovering slowly from her terrible car accident but she IS recovering. Our hearts break for her as she transitions into this new phase of her life. We are grateful her life has been spared and we all feel ready to support her in her future healing process as she needs us.

She missed our family reunion last evening. She planned it from the beginning and wanted us to continue on without her. Here are a few of the pictures. Several people are missing because I was busy having fun with Nathan and Hannah that I missed a few.
Jim's Dad is a walking miracle.
What more can we say?
He is VERY chipper and cheery these days
since his near-drowning accident a few months ago.
Speaking of cheery and chipper,
Nathan delights all who are near him.
But the geese might be a little much for him.
Jim's Mom and Elisa,
quilters extraordinaire.
 Jim and his sister Kirsten.
Kirsten's girls and her husband Kurt.

 More catch up. Ian's e-mail home this week:

"Dear Family,

After reading your e-mail it looks like we weren´t the only ones to have a hard week. I was shocked to hear about Holley´s accident, but relieved to hear that she is OK. I will definitely be praying for her...We had a pretty tough week here too, no tragedies but lots of trials. Just about all of the missionaries in our house have been sick this week, especially me and my companion. I think I got the worst of it but it wasn't enough to take me out for any days, but it sure has been annoying. I am already doing a lot better today, now it is just a runny nose, We also almost had a baptism...We marked her baptism for Saturday but it fell through after she was already in the baptismal font. She is very very timid but she was excited for her baptism but on the actual day, she got nervous and didn't even want to get in the water. With all of us including her Mom encouraging her, she made it down into to the font (which took a little while). Her Mom even went a few steps in with her but then she started to cry and got really scared and said that she didn't want to be baptized anymore...I have never seen a group of elders so sad and so discouraged as I did on that night...We will now try and baptize her in a pool or in some other place were she will feel more comfortable...A large part of the group of the elders that I came into the mission with wil be going home next week. They will be going home two weeks early for school. It will be rather strange seeing almost of the elders that I came into the mission with going home without me, but I am grateful for the extra 2 weeks. I know that the Church is true and the God lives. I know that Christ is our Savior and that He loves us. The work of God is glorious!"
I love his last sentence. I agree. Wholeheartedly.

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  1. What a great letter from Elder Freeman as he finishes up with his mission. It's wonderful to see missionaries as they finish up their mission, the spirit is strong with them, Ian will love those last 2 weeks and forever be grateful he had them!