Monday, July 2, 2012

While We Are Waiting

While we are STILL waiting for this baby....
Pictures from Ian's trip to the Falls last week.
He looks wonderful.
And so happy.
Ian and his companion.
I'm guessing this is one of the zones.
What a great trip for all of them.
Seven weeks and he'll be home.

"Dear Family, We now finished the second of two crazy weeks, we went to four different cities, two zone conferences, and one of the wonders of the world! We started off in Falls, we bought some souvenirs (Falls is good for that) including a straight up legit Brazilian hammock (which is something that I have been wanting for quite a while.) Then we went to the Falls. It was SOO beautiful, there was so much water because it had been raining for like two weeks straight, the weather was good that day, not too cold, but we got soaked from the spray from the falls.We then came back to Londrina for two days and then we went to Marília for the zone conference there (which was excelent). We then spent Saturday and Sunday in another city that is close to Londrina. We came back to our area last night at about 6 o´clock. These were crazy two weeks! But they were good, we had some great experiences...The work is going well as always, we are in the last week of the transfer now and my companion will go home next week and I will get a new companion, and I have no idea who it will be...Love you all!
I was at the doctor with Sarah this morning. Without posting the private details, it looks like this will be the day! We'll see. Sure hope so.

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  1. How exciting, can't wait to hear! Great letter from Elder Freeman and great photos!