Friday, August 10, 2012

Date Night

I am happy to say that tonight's date night did NOT include a trip to the Home Depot. Right there it could be classified as a success. We wound up having dinner at Whole Foods. It's a grocery store with a small bistro section with really good food. We then had to go to the church where Jim had some Bishop stuff to do. No surprise there. Then we went to visit Holley. She's in a rehabilitation facility now until she is well enough to go home. She'll probably be there for 6-8 weeks or so. She is looking wonderful and seems like her old self. She knows the road in front of her is a long one but I think she'll be OK if she remembers to mark her small successes on a daily basis.
This is a picture from a date night we had about a month ago. We had to go to an evening fireside of a girl's camp. That was a fun evening. Anything is better than a Home Depot date!

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  1. LOL! Home Depot date night, I know what they are like! Our date nights at present are to Weight Watchers, then we go out to dinner, not bad, way better than Home Depot!