Friday, August 3, 2012

Meatball Therapy

I've been making a LOT of meatballs lately. This may be the most meatballs I've ever made in my life. That's saying something too because I am a vegetarian/vegan most of the time. It seems like every time I make a new batch of sauce and meatballs to stash away in the freezer, people somehow find out about them and there they go. There have been a lot of happy people lately who just "happen" to visit us on meatball and sauce day. I have a plan though for this batch and I think can safely get most of these in the freezer. I told part of Jim's family the other day at the reunion that we will have meatball sandwiches for Ian's "homecoming" get together. I could tell that by the looks on their faces that I need to be making a LOT more meatball batches in the next 3 weeks.

While spending my morning in the kitchen, I listened to my Ipod. There's a song on it by Alan Jackson. It's called "Remember When." Seth came home between one job on the way to his other job while I was in the kitchen. I made him a nice lunch because he had no time in between jobs. As he was eating it, that song came on. The end of it goes something like this,

"Remember when we said when we turned gray
When the children grow up and move away
We won't be sad, we'll be glad
For all the life we've had
And we'll remember when..."

Wrong song for the few minutes Seth was in the kitchen with me. I had just told him that I made him lunch because he'll be gone in 2 1/2 weeks and then he's on his own. So there I was crying when the song came on with Seth laughing at first and then looking quite chagrined when he could tell that I "lost it" yet again.

Meatball therapy. Good thing I need to make a few more batches because I think I'll need the therapy.


  1. I would like to announce that in all the years of my Freeman friendships, I have never had the privilege of trying the meatballs. I do feel I am missing out and may just have to arrange a dinner sometime to partake so I know what I am missing. :) I saw Seth at one of his jobs last night. He is awesome.

  2. P.S., I also really like that Alan Jackson song. Now I am singing it to myself. :)

  3. Are you serious? How did we miss YOU??? If you haven't delivered by the "homecoming" yet, come and get some! Or else we just have to bring some to you...You are pretty awesome yourself. You wait, someday you'll sing that song crying.

  4. I bet your meatballs are wonderful! Seth is such a cute boy or I should say youngman! It was cute how he reminded the Bishop to shake hands with Kristina Bohman, today!

    1. I meant to add that if I wasn't a vegetarian I'd request some of your meatballs!