Friday, August 24, 2012

Not Enough Time In The Day!!!

It has been an absolute whirlwind since Ian returned home yesterday. We have had a WONDERFUL time enjoying his company. We have also been EXTREMELY busy. I have LOTS of pictures to post but I can't get to them today. Today we had to spend most of the day shopping because as I've written many times before, he leaves in two days for BYU. He lost 30+ pounds on his mission and we had to get him new clothes. We also needed to get him a computer for school. We went to Costco three times and Staples twice. We've been to two malls, to visit Holley, and several other places including the chiropractor for his neck. We went to Deseret Book tonight to get him some much needed items and I saw this plaque. I asked one of the employees to snap this picture with my phone. It's not great quality but it sure says  a great message . My hair is a mess but the look on our faces tells of the JOY we've been experiencing since Ian returned home.
It says, "Home is where your mom is."
Love it.
I am a happy, happy, happy woman.

I will post a lot tomorrow,
I hope.

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