Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OK....My Head Is Spinning

I put my best foot forward this morning and just decided to make the best of today.
I seriously have to wonder about Seth because as he was getting ready this morning he asked, Mom, what should I have for breakfast?" I said, Seth, I'm dropping you off for COLLEGE today, you have to figure that out yourself!!
We finally managed to get out the door even if it was an hour and a half after we planned to leave.
Seth is delightful no matter what you do.
 We sang most of the way down to BYU 
(thank you David Archuletta). 
Seth said he wasn't nervous at all. 
He got everything taken care of in his apartment 
while I went and played with the grandkids for an hour.
They live right around the corner from where Seth lives
 and where Ian will live. Talk about convenience! 
Nathan has a bandaid on his chin because 
he fell the other night and got stitches.
Hannah's eyes just keep getting bluer.
Then Seth and I went all over the the administration the grocery store...AND to Ian's apartment to pay his rent because his move in day is tomorrow which is his homecoming many things are we supposed to pack into three days people?

At any rate, Seth and I had a delightful day.
 I was a mess yesterday, weepy all day 
and even more of a mess the day before that as we were packing him up.
  We got Ian's side of the room ready for his homecoming 
at the same time we were cleaning up Seth's room to move out. 
That was too strange for words, I'll tell you that.
 My brain is still fuzzy.
I also lost it at the Scout office when I went to pick up Seth's Eagle Scout award. Nothing like another weepy mother picking up their son's Eagle award. Jim's Mom made both of my sons a special Eagle quilt. They are really amazing. Ian's has been in his closet for two years. Seth wanted to take his regular quilt to school so I put both quilts on both beds. They look really nice.
And here we have side ready
 for a welcome home and the other side all cleaned up (finally) 
with a son just moved out.
I've never seen this room so clean.

I dropped Seth off and headed for home. I did very well today. I only teared up when we pulled out of our driveway this morning and I quoted the line from "Toy Story" where the Mom says, "Everybody say bye house." We've said that line many times over the years. As we were pulling around our corner I asked Seth if he had "Woody or Buzz" stashed in his moving boxes. (Just remembering the part in Toy Story 3 where the boy grew up and was being driven off to college by his Mom and his favorite toys were in the box next to him). I guess you have to be a mother sending your last kid off to college to truly appreciate that scene or that thought. It's like your life flashes before your eyes. Of course, that made me cry too as I remembered Seth when he was little...which was just yesterday I think. Eeeesh.

So I dropped Seth off quite exhausted but peaceful. We met the roommates and Seth looked like he was headed off for a nap. I drove along the interstate singing quite happily to David Archuletta's new CD. Then the phone rang. I couldn't look to see who it was because I was driving so I just said hello. He said, "Hi Mom." I thought, "What on earth did you forget Seth, I was there all day?" I said something else and he said, "You know, when I call four times from Brazil, you're supposed to be home to answer the phone." I said, IAN??!!!!!!!!" I don't know how I didn't cause a wreck. Honest to goodness. My heart started pounding and  I was in heavy traffic and out of the blue... Ian called from the Sao Paulo airport waiting for his connection to New York. We had a FABULOUS 15 minute conversation until the call dropped. I have no idea how I got from point A to Point B during that call but I did so without causing a wreck. I deserve a gold star. Ian sounded wonderful. He's currently on the plane on his way home. Like I said, my head is spinning.

 He's FINALLY on his way home.
He'll be here tomorrow. :)

I'm a mess.

God speed Sons.
 God speed to both of you.
I love you both more than I can say.
What am I supposed to do without you?

I think I'll go have a good cry now...

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