Monday, August 27, 2012

Post Processing

I find that I am very tired today and certainly somewhat emotionally exhausted. We had as lovely a weekend as I could have hoped for or imagined was possible. That said, it was a very, very busy weekend and I had little sleep coupled with a rush of swinging emotions for several days running. I sat on the floor in Ian and Seth's room last evening as Seth was waking up from a nap watching Ian packing for BYU. The reality of the situation was tender. We had been so busy trying to get get Ian's school needs taken care of that he never really unpacked from his mission. I watched as he finally unpacked his mission things from his suitcase and put most of them right back in packing boxes for BYU. He showed us more mission stuff and told some mission stories. By the time he was fully "unpacked," he was pretty much fully "packed up" again. It's hard to describe the emotions I was feeling as I did my best to put on a brave, happy face.

I have a number of things to blog about from this weekend but I can't really get to all of them today. Maybe I'll just take a few days and blog about all of them until I am finished.

Yesterday was Ian's homecoming in church. It was a touching, wonderful experience. I'll talk more about his part of it in the next few days. One of the highlights I will touch on today to single it out was Hannah's baby blessing.

Gregory presented this sweet, sweet little baby formally before the Lord in church and using his Priesthood, gave her a name and blessing. We are so blessed to have her as part of our family. Sarah is a wonderful mother. Gregory is a wonderful father.
 Hannah is a beautiful baby.
 The blessing was as lovely as she is.
Elisa made this amazing blessing dress.
Sarah let me hold her for most of the meeting 
after the blessing while she slept in my arms.
It is a treasured memory.
We love you Hannah.

More tomorrow.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL baby, AMAZING dress. So looking forward to a full description of the weekend. And THANK YOU so much for the wonderful meatballs. I was a happy, happy woman as mom and dad described thg festivities, and as I indulged in those delights again. Love you, Liz.