Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I guess I mean, "Whew, I made it." 
Where do I even start?
I guess at the beginning.
 That's always "a very good place to start..."
 Thank you Julie Andrews. :)

Last Wednesday I dropped Seth off at BYU. We then had a short turn around time before Ian came home. That time is just a blur in my mind because we had so much to do to get ready. Thursday morning came and we hustled the best we could to make yet another pot of sauce and meatballs so the house would smell good when Ian got home and secured the welcome home sign to the front of the house. (Twice I might add).

We tracked the flights on the internet and we converged on the airport in three different cars. We saw that the same flight the day before arrived at 1:27 instead of the scheduled time of 2:02. We all got to the airport early anticipating the same thing would happen again and because we could see the expected arrival time on the Delta site said 1:19!! Jim and I got there at 1:17 p.m.. Whew!! My nerves were going crazy and it was hard to stay calm. I saw the arrival board change at 1:26 p.m. claiming the plane landed!! But thus began the intense waiting game.
We waited
  and waited
  and waited
  and WAITED!!! 

All the rest of the people got off the plane and came down the escalator smiling at us. Gregory kept running up the stairs to tell us that he could see Ian sitting on a chair...just sitting...not moving...just sitting!!
Gregory couldn't get his attention. I kept telling Gregory to just GO GET HIM!! However, Gregory didn't want to get arrested by the TSA so we just kept waiting. One of the pilots came down the escalator and told us that he saw Ian and that he looked great. That was at least 15 minutes before he came down. Ugh. We had two false alarms and it was really tough waiting, especially on poor Nathan who kept holding the sign. 
FINALLY... Gregory yelled that he was really coming. Ian decided to wait until 1:55 to come down because he wanted us to be there when he came down...HELLO...we were there!!! He looked amazing.
So amazing.
He pulled out his camera and took pictures of us as we were filming him.
I couldn't hold back the tears.
And that's an understatement.

He just looked so good and I was so happy.
Everybody was happy.
Nathan had absolutely no clue who Ian was. 
We had to ease him into it.
Ian brought him a Brazilian soccer shirt and that seemed to help.
He needed more time I'd say.
 Eventually he was OK.
We spent a little while taking pictures 
and then we all went home!!
Ian's appetite changed a lot on his mission
but he loved the dinner.
Apparently so did Nathan.
We enjoyed a wonderful evening together.
I especially enjoyed having all my children 
home again together at the same dinner table.
Family prayer was particularly touching.
Ian showed us a few things he brought home
and shared mission stories along the way.
We also told him stories!!
Like the story of his "double" at Emma's wedding. :)
I gave him a copy of my book and I showed him 
one of his favorite books from his childhood 
that I found just the week before he came home.
It's called "Love You Forever."
It makes me cry every time I read it. 
I remember I read it to him on the first day of kindergarten.

We spent almost all of Friday shopping for school. As we were riding around, at one point Ian said, "Before my mission I was embarrassed to be in a store with my mother, but when we were shopping today I said to myself...I'm with my parents!" Two years away surely changes one's perspective on things.:)
 Saturday we spent preparing for Sunday. There was a lot to do. Ian spent all Saturday evening preparing his talk for Sunday. I snapped this picture right before we left for church Sunday morning as he was putting on the finishing touches and reviewing his talk.
Ian certainly has grown a great deal spiritually.
I enjoyed the Sunday meetings very, very much. Seth was ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood right before Sacrament Meeting by Jim with Ian, Gregory, and Jim's Dad in the circle. Seth then stood in on the blessing circle with Gregory, Ian, Jim, and Jim's Dad when Hannah was blessed. That was a tender moment. All my kids sang the intermediate song during Sacrament Meeting. I was deeply, deeply touched. They sang "We'll Bring the World His Truth" by Janice Kapp Perry. This is a video of them practicing on Thursday. They sounded better than this on Sunday with the piano accompaniment. I'm still humming it in my head. Love it. We used to sing it all the time for Family Home Evening when the kids were little. It was always Ian's favorite song.
Ian's talk went very well. I looked at him while he was speaking and it was as if a continual movie played in my head of when he was little. He's a grown man now. He spoke with experience and gospel certitude. I thought to myself, "he certainly doesn't need his mother anymore." That's just as it should be. I am so proud of him and so grateful to a loving God for taking care of my son for two years and returning a wonderful, polished man to me in return.

We enjoyed a few hours with family and friends who graced our home with their presence. I never took any pictures unfortunately. I guess I was a bit overwhelmed by then. The eight batches of meatballs I made and froze weeks and weeks in advance were enjoyed by many people. Jim and I aren't sure we ever want to see another meatball however at this point quite frankly. :)

Later on after all the packing was done, it was time to head out.
We had a great car ride to Provo.
 We dropped Ian off first.
His roommate was waiting for him. 
 They moved him in to his apartment in about ten minutes.
  I did the best I could to say goodbye...again.
 Another goodbye. 
So soon after the last hello......
Goodbye Son...I'll see you soon.
"Love You Forever"...Just like the book says.


  1. Oh my, sister, this is just wonderful. You made me cry, you made me smile and I gotta say how much I love Nathan clapping and saying "yay!" right when Elisa is talking about everyone being off. What a beautiful family you have Liz. So happy that Ian is back safe. Stay busy and keep blogging. Love ya, mean it :D

  2. Thanks Bern. This post took me 3 1/2 hours to do, a labor of love I'd say. Thanks for the compliments. We are all taken with Nathan. He is delightful in every way. I'm thinking maybe I have one more finish up blog post to do, we'll see. It's been quite the project. Miss you sister, remembering all that fun we had last year this time in your neck of the woods...

  3. Oh, and the last part of the song where they were having trouble is because they tried to sing the chorus in Portuguese. They just stuck with all English when they actually did it in church. :)

  4. Wonderful entry! Great photos to help us feel like we were there! Amazing family that Gregory has married into! And love that little cutie pie Nathan. He was so right on to clap after the singing! You have done a spectacular job with this blog! What a keepsake!

  5. Just saw your replies Liz. I miss you too and agree---we had a such a great time last year. Don't let it be so long next visit. Listen, the ocean is calling you................ Love ya, mean it.