Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Mission Call!!!! Finally....

To say that the past few days have been a bit crazy is an understatement. We've been trying to figure out what to do about the "lost" mission call. We made a few contingency plans and figured we would just hunker down and wait it out. I spoke with Seth yesterday about 3:00. I asked him if he had his call yet. He said he was on campus and wouldn't be home until 6:00. I asked him if ANYONE could check the mailbox because if it came in the mail we needed to know because we live an hour away. Seth said he didn't think anyone could check the mail but he'd try. I hung up just kind of scratching my head in bewilderment at that answer.

Jim came home from work, the magic hour of 6:00 passed with no phone call so at 6:30 we decided to go to dinner. Off we went to Kneaders in City Creek wondering if the mission call would ever come. We saw members of our ward there and we were laughing at the strangeness of Seth's answer and that we would all just have to wait. We ordered the food, were waiting to pay for it and the phone rang. I heard an exuberant yet somewhat chagrined voice on the other end say, "Hello Mom, guess what?" Mind you, at this point it was 6:45 P.M. "My mission call came!"I said "Seth, we are at a restaurant about to eat but we'll leave ASAP." Oh my gosh, adrenalin kicked in at that point.

There we sat gulping down our dinner while doing the unthinkable...using the cell phone in a restaurant. Ooops. Elisa lives in Wyoming, almost two hours away from Seth's apartment in Provo. She started to cry, "Mom, why didn't anyone tell me?" I said, "Seth just told us five minutes ago." She said, "I'm on my way!!" She had to travel through dark canyon roads not exactly going the speed limit I am sorry to say to make the 8:45 scheduled opening. Dangerous winter driving at night. Ugh.We contacted Seth's two good friends, Nels and Alex, and picked them up on our way to Provo. If only somebody, ANYBODY, checked the mail earlier in the day!!!!!!!!

Seth's apartment was PACKED with people. Everyone was very, very excited. We started getting the out of state people on the cell phones and the Google talk people lined up as well. Sarah and Gregory and the grandkids were there. Ian finally showed up and then Elisa came running up the stairs exclaiming,
 "I made it!" 
She's a good sister. :)
The guesses had been made...
The anticipation was enormous!
Especially for Seth!
That's his good friend Nels with the computer
 getting all the other friends on Google groups
 who couldn't make it.
Seth's roomate handed him a gigantic knife to open it.
I shrieked for the small children in the room...
Georgia Atlanta North Mission!!
A great moment for all to say the least.
Congratulations Seth.♥
He'll be going in the MTC on the same day as Nels!
May 29th.
Double the joy.
Alex (the red head) goes in May 8th.
It was worth the two hour drive...
through the dark canyons...
and another two hour drive back...
I still haven't heard if Elisa made it back safely
but no news is good news.
Didn't we just do this not long ago with Ian?
 More posts about BEAUTIFUL Hannah in the near future. :)
I guess that makes me a 
 Mormon Missionary Mom
 yet again. :)
I sure hope I can take it again.
And yes, that means I'm blogging again.
I am pretty sure I said I would never blog again.
Silly me. 
Welcome back readers. :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS SETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this news.

  2. Amy Jo, what would I do without you? :)

  3. Thanks so much for calling me in, Liz. What a wonderful experience, and I'm just so excited for Seth. And for your return to blogging :)