Thursday, February 28, 2013

"I Went BOOM Gran..."

I am surprised at how slowly I am recovering. I am making small amounts of progress each day but I really do not feel well yet and am easily fatigued. I get chills and a low grade fever every evening and am still quite wiped out. I am making progress though.

There was a plaintive message on my phone today. It was Nathan (age 2 1/2) saying with great fervor in his voice, "I went BOOM Gran." He can't quite say Grandma yet so he calls me Gra" Some times it sounds like it has an "N" on the end, sometimes not. He apparently fell off the swings big time and was very scared and wanted to call Grandma for reassurance. He said "I love you Gra" several times, there was a "get better" in there and two or three "went boom" in there as well. It was very sweet. I guess Grandmas are a stabilizing influence in the world for comfort. I heartily accept that role. :) And one of the sweetest phrases in the world is "I love you Gra..."


  1. Liz Dear:

    I am sure that you are miserable and discouraged about the rate of improvement each day. It is gratifying to know that you are improving though. Surgeries like that test one's patience, as I'm sure you already know.

    It's been a madhouse over here the past 11 days - lots of company staying here and many mouths to feed....It was a happy occassion which brought them all to town - a granddaughter and her husband were sealed - and I was glad to have them all, but I'm still in recovery mode.

    Can I do a grocery shopping for you, or laundry, or what is it you would like me to do. Say something, or I will be upset and do something anyway, which may not be the best thing.....PLEASE TELL ME what you need or would like.

    Praying for you and thinking of you every day,



  2. Love you Karen. Just sent you an e-mail.