Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sweet Gestures Of Kindness

This evening two women from my Relief Society showed up at my home at the same time. One brought homemade chicken noodle soup. The other, my neighbor and good friend, brought fabulous minestrone soup, homemade bread, fruit, and homemade burnt almond fudge chocolate ice cream. Fabulous. To be thought of in such a caring manner by women who are so genuine in their kindness means a great deal to me as I continue to slowly heal. When they say "chicken soup for the soul," I think it doesn't really matter what the name of soup is, what it really means is healing for the soul. Most appreciative.


  1. That knitting together/healing of one's body is yet another metaphor for how Heavenly Father knits us together/heals us. With every "one more step taken" by those of us being healed, with every pot of "healing" soup brought by loving hands, by every prayer offered on behalf of those of us not yet able to come and help, Heavenly Father takes up those seemingly tangled, loose threads, and binds us together, in love, with love, and makes us whole, all together. I'm so glad you are healing, Liz, however slowly that may be coming. My prayers are always with you, as well, even if I can't bring some soup over. Love you so much.

  2. What beautiful words of kindness. Thank you. Love you too as you heal. As we heal together.