Monday, March 25, 2013

While I've Been Waiting

A lot of people have wanted to give me movies to watch while I've been recovering. I've only watched four. Instead I have been working on my second book. I finished it last week and am in the throws of the editing process. The experience of writing my first book has helped me significantly on this second book. As soon as I feel comfortable writing about it, I will post about it. I am very happy about the process and the outcome so far. In the meantime, I am walking with less of a wobble. I am looking forward to getting off my blood thinners next week so I can eat some more green vegetables. Five weeks of eating very limited green vegetables is getting old. They have too much Vitamin K which throws off the blood thinning properties of the medicine I am on. So I wait to walk well and eat well. I hope by next week I will be eating a huge green salad, walking solidly without a crutch or cane, and can say that I am a good way into the editing of my book. :)

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