Sunday, April 21, 2013

Next Week...Really?

It seems like yesterday that I was waiting anxiously for Ian to return from his mission. It's hard to believe that next week he'll be getting married. Seth is home for the weekend and I went upstairs a while ago to wake him up and sat on the edge of his bed talking to him. I looked across the room at the whiteboard above Ian's bed that says "Welcome Home Ian." I looked at Seth and muttered, "He never really came home, did he?" Ian unpacked from his mission in Brazil directly into his boxes for BYU because school started three days after his return. Well it's already the end of the school year next week and Ian will come home for just one week before he gets married.

I am happy about his upcoming marriage. We love Jessa and Ian is happy. They are a good match. It's just hard to believe that not long ago I sent him off on his mission, waited longingly for two years to see him again, welcomed him home, and now he's leaving for good. It's the way it's supposed to be really. He's mature, firmly centered on living the gospel, serving his fellowman, and solidly planning for his future as a husband, father, and work as a mechanical engineer. What more could I possibly ask? It's what I raised him to do. It's what most mothers hope for their children. It just is happening sooner than I thought it would.

I'll try to squeeze a little time with Ian before he gets married. It will be an extremely tight schedule but hopefully we can fit something in. We'll blink our eyes and he'll be here and then gone again. Maybe I should change the sign above his bed to read "Bon Voyage Ian, how we love you."

And then it's Seth's turn to leave three weeks after that. Oh my.

And so it goes...

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