Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tears All The Way Around

Yesterday I took Seth to get his bicycle for his mission. It will be shipped to Georgia and be waiting for him when he gets there. Today I took him to get his suits, slacks, shoes, shirts and other clothes for his mission. He looked so handsome as he was trying things on for size and color. As I watched him getting measured for suit alterations I had to turn my head away so he wouldn't see me get emotional. It's his turn to leave soon for his mission. He already looks like a missionary. The tears came to my eyes but I blinked them away the best I could.

This evening I went to a second bridal shower for Jessa. On the way home as I drove with all the gifts I blinked away more tears. Ian gets married in just a few days. It's coming so fast. He just barely got home again.

Why do these sons of mine leave together? Seth and Ian both went away to BYU last August. They both came home from BYU just a few days ago. Today I saw evidence that reminded me that I will close my eyes very, very soon and with the tears I try to blink away...they'll be gone again.

So I guess there are tears all the way around... I will just do the best I can and be grateful for the blessing of a beautiful and amazing daughter-in-law to be and a well-prepared, faithful missionary to be. People tell me it's the way it should be.

I'll just buy extra kleenex to get me through just in case.
Ian and Seth

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  1. One time, a long time ago, probably 13 or 14 years ago, I was at your house on Lake St., and Ian was mad because Elisa and I were calling boys worthless. We promised him we would teach him how to be a non-worthless boy, and I am pretty sure we said we would stop calling boys worthless around him. I remember around high school or around dating starting for him, we gave him some pointers. I am also sure Elisa has given him years of pointers as well. I am very sure he has successfully become one of the most non-worthless boys I know. Jessa definitely got a good one! :) Congratulations to him on getting married. I can't wait to see the highlights of the day. Take lots of pictures!

    Seth is going to be a great missionary! It is very exciting he is getting all his stuff ready so he can leave prepared. Sounds like a month of celebrating and crying. Stock up on the tissues and remember it is totally alright to cry. :)