Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughts About Driving, Mission Prep, Wedding Prep, And Writing

I started driving again yesterday. That is a sign of marked progress. It felt good to be independent again. I also went to physical therapy this morning. I haven't had therapy in a few weeks but my doctor thought it would help me. I found it to be extremely helpful in a lot of ways so I am glad I went. We isolated muscles that need strengthening and it felt good to exercise them properly. I am grateful to be healing.

We have a lot to do to get Seth ready for his mission. He leaves in seven weeks. Ian gets married in three weeks and I need time to do things to get ready for that too. Time is passing quickly. I haven't been much use lately but now that I can drive, I think we can make progress taking care of some of these pressing matters. One of the things I need to do is look for a jacket to go over my black dress that will be suitable for the wedding reception. I will try to get that taken care of in the next day or two. Seth is busy finishing up his last two weeks of school and doesn't want to do any mission prep things until he is done with that. That will make for a very busy May to say the least!

Yesterday I submitted my second book to a publisher. I am happy with the outcome of this book. It is very different from the first one. It has a LOT of personal stories in it and it is an easier read than my first one. It is called Conversion The Path-The Process-The Promise. It is a book I have wanted to write for about fifteen years or more and I finally did it. I feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction at having completed such a monumental task.

I learned a great deal writing and publishing my first book. I learned that not everyone wants to read what you write no matter how much they like you. I learned that some well-meaning friends don't know what to say to you when you give them a book you wrote so they just smile a lot and are gracious, but sometimes look burdened by the thought of reading it. That is helpful to know that type of thing. When this second book gets published, I will be careful to have copies available to give to friends and family but I won't be anxious to make sure they get a copy just because it is published. If they want to read one, I will gladly give them one but there is no sense in bothering people who might not want to be bothered.

I learned a lot about graciousness. A few people responded to my book with such kindness, that their thoughtfulness overwhelms me. There have been a few people who have read my book that have expressed such gratitude for what I wrote that they had tears in their eyes when they told me how much they learned from the book and how much they liked it. One woman in particular sent me a thank you card that has really humbled me. She is an elderly woman I have a great deal of respect for. She wrote, "I read and re-read your book which helps me focus on what is important in life-the purpose of life-and to strive to do better." Another woman wrote the following review on the internet, "I found this book to be an inspiring and inspired read. The author's passion for Christ is evident on each page, and her testimony comes through powerfully in every chapter. I was particularly touched by her explanation of what daily scripture study is for her: " a well-worn pattern of devotion" that she will not skip, even on the morning of her daughter's wedding day. That phrase, "a well-worn pattern of devotion," touched me so deeply that it even showed up in my dreams, and I think about it every day as I try to make my own patterns of devotion "well-worn." Thanks to the author for allowing the reader to access the well-springs of a heart full of testimony and love of the Savior."

Because of these types of sentiments, I have learned that it's OK to write if that is what your heart tells you to do.I have learned that editing is important and that everyone who reads your writing will edit it differently. Some will express exasperation because the never ending need to edit what you've written.:) I've embraced the "red pen" as something that is very important and quite welcomed. I have learned that not everyone you know wants to read what you write but they are happy that you are their friend. I have learned that it doesn't matter how many people read what you write, it just matters that you tried to do some good in the world by writing if that is the desire of your heart. I have learned that being an author does not mean that you think you are important, it only means that you had the desire to write your thoughts down on paper with the intent of sharing them with those who might be interested.

So...I am the author of two books.
I didn't say I was a great author 
and I am certainly not a famous author,
 but I am an author nonetheless
and that makes me happy. 

I hired a photographer I know to take an official author picture. 
I think he captured my heart just right.


  1. I must be a person who loves reading your stuff because I am high in the ranks of the Liz as an author fan club. :) I hope to be able to read book two. Beautiful picture. It looks just like a fancy author picture should and it captures you beautifully! :) Good job photographer!

  2. Thanks Amy Jo. You are always kinds. It will be months before book 2 is ready to read but I'll make sure you get a copy.

    The photographer is Kent Miles ( I've known him for years. He's a very nice person and has the patience of a saint to get a good photograph.

  3. Oh, and this is what his website says about his mission statement for taking photographs: "My mission is to invest the photographs I create with gracious honesty, enduring beauty, and significance that increases with the passage of time." Good thoughts, good guy.

  4. Catching up on the blog, Liz. So glad it's back! Put me on the book list and the praise of the photo list!