Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Earlier today we went to the cemetery
to visit my Dad's grave and to
think about those who fought and died for our freedom.
Memorial Day is a great reason to celebrate
and gather the family together for a picnic.
Everybody except Ian & Jessa unfortunately.
(Wade is a very good cook).
If only my children would pose...
for a decent picture.
Elisa is the ringleader.
Sarah follows along.
Emma is no better.
And Seth joined in.
I realize you like each other.
But just a normal picture please.
 Like Gregory here.
Or Nathan.
Or Hannah.
That's better.
There we go.
Good one Seth.

Less than 48 hours until you leave.

We are all going to miss you so much.


  1. I will miss Seth, but I do agree, he is going to be great!

  2. Look what happy children you have! I can tell they must be delightful because their pictures are so spontaneous and entertaining. It's a good thing that you can see their personalities in their pictures instead of just boring regular pictures.

    An anonymous reader.

  3. Fab photos. Fab people. Amazing Seth with the gorgeous smile. Keep smiling, Seth! Keep smiling through the tears, Liz! He will no doubt be a great missionary. I especially love the photos of those two little cuties! xoxoxo

  4. See! So much more entertaining with our crazy poses ;)