Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If I Blog, Does That mean He's Really Going?

So I have been kind of dancing around this blog. By that I mean that I remember when I started this blog, one week before Ian left for his mission. Seth leaves one week from today. If I blog about this, I enter the reality phase of Seth's imminent departure. We've been slowly, carefully reviewing his lists and checking things off as we go. The dentist was yesterday, his glasses will be picked up tomorrow, his doctor visit was last week for a tetanus booster and allergy prescription, the suits are back from the tailor and the farewell was Sunday. The clock is ticking...Today I received an e-mail from Seth's mission president. He asked for information about him and I e-mailed him back. He says he is excited to welcome Seth to his mission.

It's been a busy month and a tender one at that. It started with Ian's wedding and it will end with Seth's departure. Two sons gone in the space of one month. Oh the sappy heart of a mother.

 I am happy Seth has decided to serve a mission. I am grateful to have been blessed with such a good son.

It's a tender time for me.
 It's a tender time for all of us.

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