Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Wedding Pictures

Love this one.
Don't drop her Ian!!
 Besides Jim,
these five are the best part of my life.
At the wedding luncheon.
Me and my girls...
and my sons Ian & Seth. :)
Mother of the groom.
And one more of Sarah, Emma, and Elisa.

Still waiting on the photographer pictures.


  1. Seriously, I can't stop coming back and back and back to the blog and these wonderful pictures. Ian and Jessa look SO HAPPY, and they are a wonderful couple. And you are a WONDERFUL family. Thank you for sharing your lives with me.

  2. Holley, you are the best. We love you too.

  3. Bless Elisa's heart...she is trying to make us just a little more computer literate. Good luck, Elisa! Liz, I had to tell you what a lovely day it was on Saturday. There is nothing that could have made it better. The bride was lovely, the groom was so handsome and he was so excited to be married! What a wonderful, tired day it was for everybody. Lovely! We loved it. Karen