Monday, June 17, 2013

First E-Mails from The Field

I received an e-mail from Seth today. Halleluiah! Waiting for the first one is simply agony. I also received a kind letter from his mission president (above) and his wife letting me know Seth arrived safely and they are happy to have him in their mission.
That's quite a group of missionaries he arrived with.
I also received a quick note from Nels 
with this picture from the MTC.
It reminds me of my own missionary days!! Same map!!

Seth sounds fine and Nels sounds fine. Seth sounds as if he is adjusting well to the weather, the food, and the schedule. He said he likes his companion and he has had a few episodes of homesickness but not too bad.  These are his closing words:
"Also I thought I should add my testimony about missionary work. It is a wonderful work. Heavenly Father does missionary work because it is a means of perfecting all of His children at the same time. The doctrine of Christ is deserving of everyone's study... It is a process of becoming converted and accomplishing Christlike change. I know this Church is true. We have the truth and the only way to know Christ. Open your mouth and share it, and it will bless your life. Give the missionaries referrals!!!"

Still miss him.


  1. Liz, I,m catching up on your blog today. This time I can really feel it. Really feel it. Not because your writing has changed but because I have now experienced it. So glad Seth is doing well. Kyle is, too. Such a blessing to have a son on a mission!

  2. You should do a blog post of all the map pictures---dad, you, me, gregory, ian, jessa, seth--that would be a SWEET post.