Thursday, June 27, 2013

He Likes Getting Mail

Twice this week Seth requested that we please write him letters. He said in his weekly e-mail that mail is better than cookies. I received a note from him today via regular mail. The end of the note said "please continue to write me, it is really nice." I remember how important mail was to me on my mission so I will have to keep it up.

Seth mentioned in today's mail how surprised he is that he misses Nathan and Hannah so much. I think Ian had the same kind of problem when he left. Little children are so loving that it's easy to miss their genuine outpouring of love.

Here are a few snippets from today's note: "I am very well, don't worry yourself at all. I really like it here. I am dealing very well with the heat...[My companion] is a great companion...I am happy out here. I got through a lot of adjusting this week, so that was good. We helped a family move and we got to put branches in a wood chipper. That was so much fun, physical service helps me process my thoughts...I am trying to eat well. The members feed us well. I love you all so much. Have a great week."

He sounds just fine. He has been in my prayers as well as Nels. Nels seems to be doing well so I am happy about that and they are e-mailing each other so that's a great way for them to stay connected. I guess I can stop worrying about that now.

I went to the Draper Temple this morning. It's a bit of a drive from my house but I like to go there at least once a year. It is such a beautiful temple. The Celestial Room is so tranquil. It is a beautiful respite from the cares of a troubled world. I think it is one of my favorite temples. It is such a blessing to be in the Lord's house. It is always helpful to me.

"And that all people who shall enter
 upon the threshold of the Lord’s house 
 may feel thy power,
 and feel constrained to acknowledge
 that thou hast sanctified it, 
and that it is thy house
a place of thy holiness." 
D&C 109 :13

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  1. Funny, my son told me the very same thing. "I like getting letters more than packages," I was shocked. Those letters from home are so much more important than we ever imagined.