Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Settling In

I heard from Seth yesterday. It sounds like he is settling in and adjusting.

"Dear Mom, family and friends.                                         

The worldwide missionary conference was really cool. We probably won't see the changes for a number of months, but it is quite exciting. We need those changes; tracting is not very effective...I gave a talk on Sunday and I was pretty bold. I told the ward members that missionary work would change their eternity and the eternity of those they share the gospel with. I also told them that their friends and neighbors desperately need to hear the gospel...We have one really solid investigator..We are going to continue to work really hard this week and try to find more people to teach. We have met a lot of nice people this week, but nobody really receptive. We did a few service projects and that was fun. It was the first time I used a wood chipper. Nobody really slams doors here. They turn us down nicely which I appreciate...I am very happy and very well. I am used to people looking at us weird now, so that is no longer a problem. Everything else is fine...

I love you all very much. Thanks for all your support. I particularly love letters in the mail. That is like better than cookies. The Church is very true. I love the message of the restoration; it is so wonderful to teach."

The first part of missions is hard on Moms. I reread the line "I am very happy and very well" a few times so it sinks in. I know Seth is adjusting and I know it is hard to be rejected all day long. I experienced that on my mission as well yet I too was happy. I also enjoyed teaching the message of the restoration and missionary work gave me great joy. I just need to figure out how to "let go" and settle in for the long haul. I too agree that missionary work changes our lives for eternity. Well said. I also appreciate that people aren't slamming doors in my son's face. :)

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