Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blessed To Be His Mom

Seth has always been a wonderful son. Honest to goodness, he gave me nothing but joy while raising him. I do miss his smile around here, his helpful nature, good attitude, piano playing, lawn mowing, all around general help, and the deep thoughtful conversations he loved to have. He's off doing the best thing he could be doing however and I am happy for him because he is happy. Here's a small bit from his email home this week. I left a lot out to respect others' privacy.

"Dear Family and friends,                                                                          July 15, 2013

I am doing well. This week was crazy; we had lots of meetings and service projects. We mowed someone's lawn, whose lawn must never have been mowed so far this year. It took like 3 hours, and there were tons of brown recluse spiders in the lawn. But I didn't get bit so that is good...
My companion is awesome. He is doing really well....Thank you so much for your letters. I got 5 on Saturday which was a wonderful boost....
This church is true; I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. Because he loves us so much he has give us prophets in this changing world to help guide us and help us follow Jesus Christ. These prophets hold the Priesthood authority of God by which we can make covenants which help us access the power of Christ's atonement. God's words never cease as he to guide his children today."

Love, Elder Freeman"
 Seth's MTC group.
I really do miss that smile. :)

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