Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Draw Near

I've been pondering one of my favorite scriptures since yesterday. While swimming this morning and doing my laps reviewing it in my mind back and forth up and down my lane; I understood it in a new light.

"Draw near unto me 
and I will draw near unto you..." 
D&C 88:63

This scripture is applicable for so many situations. For those seemingly far away from God, it is an invitation to return and draw closer to Him. In return, He will reward the humble seeker with a feeling of closeness and help. For most of us already on God's path navigating daily life, this scripture reminds us to remember Him and the blessings He will surely give us. He is always there for us. His love is constant as is His promised help. He waits for us to come closer to Him. He will draw near to us as we draw near to Him. For those needing an extra measure of help for whatever reason, this scripture reminds us that He will help us with the kind of assistance only He can give, divine help and tutelage. This scripture does not reprimand us for staying away or trying to go it alone; rather it beckons us to draw closer to our sure source of help, comfort, and mercy.

The rest of the scripture is a capstone admonishment of sorts:

" me diligently and ye will find me;
ask, and ye shall receive;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

The Lord is giving us an invitation here. It is a sweet invitation. We don't have to go it alone or do it alone. We don't have to struggle by ourselves with whatever we struggle with for the moment. If the struggle is large or the need great; this invitation reminds us that help is ever near. Action is required on our parts however by "drawing, seeking, asking, and knocking." The result will be our gracious God drawing near to us, revealing Himself to us, answering our questions, and opening for us that which can be opened in no other way.


  1. How interesting, when we were talking about this scripture today, I focused on the first part and you focused on the second part of it. Neither of us are right and neither of us are wrong for emphasizing what we did--its just what each of us need to hear and focus on for our own lives. With regards to my situation we were talking about, I'm less concerned about asking and seeking, and more concerned to drawing near to Him and becoming better. With regards to your situation, we talked about asking and being able to receive.

    Isn't that why the scriptures are so great?

    Love you mom, thanks for coming to visit today.

    1. It was a great day and a great drive home through the mountains, two hours to Park City. I made that decision to take the long way home at the last second. I just turned left and went off on an adventure.

      Pictures later or tomorrow from today!

      You are right. It's a good scripture with so many applications.