Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome Home Mom And Seth Update

Welcome Home Mom!
My Mom returned home today from her mission. 
She served just shy of 24 months in the
 Washington DC temple as a temple missionary.
This one is blurry but she's happy to be back.
Good job Mom.
Missions are just the best! :)

Here are a few snippets from seth's email today. He sounds good:

Dear Family and Friends,   
Just so everyone knows, I am doing very well. The first two and a half weeks were a really hard adjustment, but I feel much more at home now. Missions are hard, but that is good. I love being out here so much. I am learning and growing so much. I love the people out here so much and want to help them. God has blessed us all so much. I am very happy in the work; it is the best work I could be doing. I love you all back home, and I am so grateful for your support. The handwritten letters are the best, I love those! :) I feel like people are concerned that I am having a really hard time adjusting. You know adjustment is hard, but I have already done a lot of adjustment and I feel very good. A lot of the missionary stuff is just second nature to me now. I get home sick very rarely, and it is never bad. It is more like thinking about home fondly. I feel like I have gone through the major beginning missionary adjustments. The rest is just the adjustments that happen naturally over time. The mission president tells the missionaries that have been out for over a month that they are no longer new missionaries...We found a new investigator this week...If he will read, ponder, and pray about the Book of Mormon I know he will know that it is true...I love you all very much. I hope you all have a good week. The church is true!!!!! Love, Elder Freeman"

 This one is cool because this was Seth's physics professor 
who happened to be on the same flight 
as Seth on the way to Atlanta.
Great picture.

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