Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Designing A Pattern

Sarah taught me how to make a sewing pattern by deconstructing a favorite article of clothing and using wrapping paper for the paper. After I made the pattern, I made a "test" shirt out of a deep purple material. It came out really well. It's simple but very flattering.
I used the pattern again to make a dress suitable for the temple...actually a shirt and a skirt. I found a beautiful wrinkle free white material that I really liked. I took my favorite skirt and made a pattern for that without deconstructing it. :) Then I embroidered a pretty flower design on one of the shoulders. I happened to have it with me when I was looking for new white shoes the other day where there were other white dresses. The two salesclerks were very excited when they saw what I made. They complimented me over and over again. They said if I sold them they would "sell like hot cakes." Alas, I am not going to be in the sewing business but I was very happy and grateful for the sincere compliments. One actually asked me if I would make her one but I declined.

I like my new white outfit and I like my new shirt and I am happy about a newly acquired skill.

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