Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day BBQ And Seth Update

 We had a small Labor Day barbeque Saturday evening.
Small, simple, good food...
good company.
Good cook...
great family.

Seth seems to be doing pretty well on his mission. It appears his training period is over this week and he will be training a new missionary. Here are a few updates from the last few weeks:

Last week's tongue in cheek humor: "There is a spider that lives in the front of our bedroom. I have named it Theadora. Theadora lives next door to a few other spiders, but she is the one I have made the best bond with. I usually hate spiders, but Theadora is the first spider I have ever had a mutually beneficial relationship with, so I let her hang around. She provides a few things. First of all, the best way to not get hobo spiders, is to have lots of other spiders living in the house. Secondly she is far away from my bed, so the more bugs she eats there, the less food there is for spiders on my side of the room, and therefore, less spiders by me. She made these little egg sacs. One day, all the little spiders came out. There were like ten of them. I got to watch them as they started their adventures in life. Some of them ran into the spiders next door and got eaten. Others went far away from home, and I am not sure where they are now. One stayed around. (sad story Theadora actually died, but now her child has taken her place in the room.) I feel like the pig from Charlot's web."

From two weeks ago:
"I have learned a lot this week about teaching from the scriptures, teaching by the spirit, and asking effective questions. I am starting to understand the direction to treasure up in my mind the words of life and then it shall be given me what to say. I am feeling much more confident as a missionary. Being senior companion for a day was pretty fun. I really liked it." 

This week: "Transfers are in two days. I am excited and sad at the same time. My companion  is leaving to be a zone leader in the Sugar Hill Zone. I will be staying in here. I don't know who my companion is going to be yet though. What I do know is that they are taking away the car, which is totally not OK!!! Alright, it actually is OK because I will be super fit by the end...I am doing well. I love you both so much. Thanks for being such good parents! You both mean so much to me."

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