Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Lawyer In The Family

Sarah, Jim, Holley, and I attended the swearing-in ceremony for Gregory today. He was admitted to the Utah State Bar and can now practice as a lawyer in the state of Utah.It was a wonderful little ceremony...a couple of lawyer type talks, the reading of the names, and the 350 applicants standing en masse taking the "lawyer admitted to the bar" oath which Sarah took pictures of. Impressive. They said the word civility more than once as well as the word ethical. :) I took several pictures of Gregory signing the official documents needed after the ceremony which allows him to practice at the state and district level courts in Utah. We're all so proud of him and so happy that the long journey to this point for he and Sarah is now behind them. It's been a wonderful, monumental day in their lives. Congratulations Gregory! The Utah State Bar now has another truly impeccable lawyer in their ranks. :)

I do promise to get to my trip thoughts and photos soon!

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