Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Bike Wreck!!!!!!

I have lots to share about my Nauvoo trip but this email from Seth just came in and I have to blog it. I left out a few paragraphs about investigators.

"Dear family and friends,
It was a good week here...We also got more dinners so we are doing well...
In other news, I WRECKED AGAIN!!!!! It was rainy and I was trying to ride with an umbrella...turns out that doesn't work. But it was a miracle because even though I went over the handle bars I was totally fine. My clothes didn't rip, and I wasn't bleeding anywhere. It was just as bad as the first crash. Maybe because it was wet, but it was a wonderful blessing to not be broken. My bike was fine as well.
There has been a sting of robberies in the area by people posing as Jehovah's witnesses. One night while we were tracting, someone thought we were the robbers and called the cops on us. They were super nice cops. We talked for a little bit, and then they just kindly suggested that we don't tract after dark. We were fine with that idea. :)
There was another man who had a sweet beard that was braided and had a peace medallion hanging from the bottom of it. He thought we were the robbers, told us to get off his property and followed us outside. He was really surprised to see that our get away vehicle was bikes. :)
I know that this is the best work we could ever do. I love being a missionary. This was a pretty exciting week. Elder Oaks is going to talk to all of us on Saturday as well so we are looking forward to that.
Love, Elder Freeman

P.S. I want to let you know that my piano skills have come in handy. I am the one to play prelude in most of our meetings. I love doing it. :)"
Eeeesh!!!  Another bike wreck and being mistaken for robbers...!!!!!!!! And has he been going hungry without saying anything????

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