Thursday, October 24, 2013

Missouri To Illinois-Day 2

This morning I went to the Brigham City Temple in Brigham City. It is about an hour from my house. I have never been to that temple before. It was very beautiful. The attention to detail throughout is breathtaking in some places. It reminded me a lot of the Kansas City Temple although we only took pictures from the outside of that one.
Brigham City Temple
I saw a painting in one of the stairwells that brought me to tears. I've never seen it before. It was a painting of a mother at the feet of the Savior with her child in her arms. The daughter she was holding was probably a three year old. It was obvious the mother brought her daughter to Jesus for Him to heal her of whatever sickness she had. What struck me was the looks on the faces of the mother and child. The mother had a solemn pleading look of faith, sadness, and distress of emotion probably because of the malady of her child. Her eyes were steadfastly fixed on Christ. The child who was held in her mother's arms turned her head to look at Jesus as well. The look in her eyes was different. She looked at Jesus because her mother was looking at Jesus. The artist depicted the Savior with outstretched hands touching the child as if to heal her. I loved the painting.

Sometimes children develop faith in the Savior because of the faith of one of their parents. It was clear from the painting that the artist hoped to convey the Savior's love for the mother and His willingness to heal her child because of her faith in Him. The message was profound. It reminds me of the beautiful scripture story found in 2 Kings 4:23 (8-37) where the Shunammite woman on discovering the death of her beloved son, runs to Elisha (the Prophet) because she knows he has the priesthood and can heal her son. She says with full faith as she is going leaving her dead son behind, "It shall be well." She had full faith that the Lord could heal her son and he did. That's a beautiful story as was the painting I saw today. The Lord can heal the sick and He can bring the dead back to life.

Back to my trip...
On day two we drove about an hour north of our last place
 and visited Far West, Missouri.
It is a truly special place.
There is a dedicated area where a temple will be built one day.
It is about twelve miles from Haun's Mill.

Missouri is a very beautiful place but the events of the Haun's Mill massacre are sobering. Many of the trip participants were asked to read vignettes of church history in the places we visited. I was asked to read the story of a boy who had his hip shot out by the mob at Haun's Mill. Here are two links to the story:

It was very tender for me to read that story for several reasons. I just had my hip replaced in February and can testify of God's goodness and healing in my recovery. I also am in need of having my left hip replaced. As I write this, it is aching still from the effects of our bus trip and tons of walking last week. The person who assigned me the vignette about Alma did not know about my hip condition but it was fitting that I read that story. It was also tender to read because of the faith of Alma's mother. She knew the source of healing for her son, the power of the Lord. She exercised her faith in God on behalf of her child, just like in the painting I saw this morning, and because of the faith of a mother and the Lord's love of women of God; her son was healed. I know that God can heal hips just like Alma and Alma's mother knew it because I have experienced it.
This is the small monument at Far West. The Spirit is very strong on that dedicated land. So much church history of great importance happened there. We were freezing cold the morning we were there. The wind blew ferociously. Jim gave me his coat to put on top of my coat which helped a great deal. I have no doubt that Far West is a hallowed place to the Lord.
Someday there will be a beautiful temple on this site.
The cornerstones are already laid.
We traveled north toward Gallatin Missouri toward 
As a group, we sang

There is a very beautiful feeling in this place. It is a sacred place and thoughts and feelings that came into my heart there are too sacred to write on this blog. I know it is a place important to the Lord.
We had a FABULOUS lunch catered at the picnic tables before we left our last stop. Then we traveled two and a half hours to Hannibal, Missouri-birthplace of Mark Twain. We spent a delightful hour visiting the shops on Main Street in Hannibal.
I took this picture for Emma's English class.
it's a statue of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
Our last stop on our heavy travel day 
after making a stop along the way 
to an Amish country store was to Quincy, Illinois.
We had a nice dinner there and visited the site 
of the 6th Lincoln-Douglas debate.

We enjoyed a fabulous presentation by a retired professor of history from Quincy University about the debate. Wonderful!

At the end of the day I wrote:
"We feel blessed to be here and we are learning so much."

I really LOVED Missouri. :) 

Next stop: Nauvoo!! 

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