Friday, October 25, 2013

On To Nauvoo-Day 3

We stopped at the Mississippi River front on our way out of Quincy. There we reviewed some of the contributions made by the people of Quincy to the Mormons when they had been driven out of Missouri. This is a little monument to remember their kindnesses when they took in 5000 people and helped them in their destitute conditions at the time.
That part of the Mississippi reminded me
 of the Hudson River in new York.
 On the way to Nauvoo north from Quincy, we discussed the mob activity leading up to
 the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum.We saw the home the mob returned to after they 
murdered them to celebrate what they had done. Sad.
We arrived in Nauvoo late morning.
We took tours of the Heber C. Kimball home
 and Wilford Woodruff home before lunch.
Wilford's home had 8 fireplaces in it!
Loved this idea. It connected two rooms between the studs.
We had the privilege of attending the
 Nauvoo temple that afternoon.
It is a BEAUTIFUL temple
overlooking the Mississippi River.
We felt blessed to be there.
Love this one. :)
 This monument is right outside the temple
depicting when Joseph and Hyrum took a 
last look at Nauvoo on the way to Carthage.
We attended a hilarious stage presentation 
about Old Nauvoo presented by the senior missionaries.
On the way to the hotel we stopped for some night
photo opportunity shots at the temple.
More Nauvoo tomorrow.

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