Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Photos

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
 The gratitude wall
 Hannah and Sarah
Sarah and Gregory hosted
It was a complete success
Gregory made a fabulous turkey
 Good job Gregory
One of Elisa's pies
Good job Elisa
Getting ready
I still like him
And I love being a Grandma
 Jim's parents
 Elisa and my Mom
Me and Elisa
Hannah and Emma
Wade and Nathan
Emma and Wade
Emma and her grandparents
Gregory and his tin whistle
Gregory and his sister Jocelyn
 Jocelyn and her husband Trevor
At Temple Square (Friday)
Girl's day out (Friday) (with Jessa too!)
We've been doing this since my girls were very little
It's just so much fun
We get pretty silly as we go along
Movie night with Ian and Jessa (Friday)

We had a fabulous couple of days!!!!

Yeah for Thanksgiving!!!

We missed Seth.

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