Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

I've often said that my motto in life is "Go to Plan B." I learned a long time ago that if I am not flexible in my plans I experience unneeded stress. I've taught my children this concept and I know it has been helpful for them, for all of us really.

This morning I wondered what I could do to help someone today. I reviewed my lesson for Relief Society again thinking about the concepts I want to share related to the topic of doing good to others. One of the things I want to talk about is making sure we don't overlook those in our own homes. Sometimes people are willing to help strangers but don't consider the importance of always being kind at home. I am aware that sometimes spouses do not treat each other properly in their home yet are willing to put on a smile for others when they leave their home as if all is OK. It's always been important to me to treat my husband as well as I can. He does the same for me. We truly have a peaceful home and a happy marriage.

This morning I thought that I should do something for Jim. I usually try to do things for him but I rarely make his favorite dinner, hamburger gravy. It's his grandmother's recipe. I'm not very fond of it, that's why I don't make it often. It's basically cooked hamburger crumbles in a milky gravy poured over mashed potatoes. I decided first thing this morning that hamburger gravy for my husband would be my "purple" kindness for the day.

So much for Plan A.

At 4:00 I got a migraine. Ugh. It took me out for an hour. After an hour I decided I could function but I still did not feel great.

On to Plan B.

I figured I could at least boil up some red potatoes. Jim loves potatoes and we don't have them often. I thought baked breaded fish from the freezer would be much easier than hamburger gravy. So that's what I did. At least I told Jim what I meant to do for him.

That is a man who loves potatoes. I think he appreciated those at least. :)

So here's what I've learned this week as I get ready to teach this lesson tomorrow. This experiment of wearing purple everyday has worked. (Tomorrow I will write about Lydia). I've consider many, many possibilities of ways to help people on a daily basis. Really, there are so many things to choose from. There are opportunities to do good all around us. We just need conscience reminders sometimes, like my wearing purple. It doesn't matter if we do something FOR someone, or TO someone. The idea is to consciously think of others more than we think of ourselves.

I receieved a nice thank you note from the woman I brought soup to on Tuesday. She had called me from her doctors office that afternoon because she wanted clarification about the type of cream I suggested she use for her pain. I was glad she called because I dropped the soup and bread off at her door an hour before but there was no answer and no one answered the phone. I wanted to make sure she got it. She said in her thank you note that she called from the doctors office as she and her husband were getting ready to pay, leave, and go get take out because she couldn't face cooking. She said she was grateful for the soup and the thoughtfulness. I only write this because it solidifies in my mind the importance of acting on the thoughts that come to our minds to do something nice for someone else. I remember when she talked to me on Tuesday morning about her pain, I just thought to myself, "I bet she'd like some soup." I didn't know it would affect her the way it did. I'm glad it did. It's nice to know I helped a little.

I guess the lesson in all of this is that we are capable of helping others everyday thereby bringing happiness to them and us. It's a win-win all the way around.
Purple anyone?

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