Monday, November 4, 2013

Think To Thank

We had a lesson yesterday in Relief Society about remembering to thank God for our blessings. They called it "Think to Thank." It was a good lesson to ponder.

Seth sounds just fine. By the end of this month he will be out 6 months and Ian and Jessa have been married 6 months today. Where did that time go?

From Seth's email:

"It was a good week in our ward. We were very blessed to have more lessons with members present this week. The members are always willing to help; the hard part was getting investigators to set lessons with us...We were pretty sick for part of the week and my companion had a bike crash that really hurt his knee (he is fine now though, so don't worry) so we weren't able to get as much tracting in as we wanted to. Zone Conference is tomorrow, and we are super excited. It is going to be really good. We are also really excited for the holidays; we know that will be a good time in the south. I have been out for 5 months now. That is really weird...[The weather] has been looking gorgeous here. This morning we went for a walk, I can't believe how nice it was! It was cool, the leaves were changing colors, the birds were chirping. It was great. :)

I know that Christ Lives, and that He loves us perfectly. His is perfectly patient, and His grace is sufficient for however long the perfection process takes. I know that we can experience His love through doing the little things like praying sincerely, studying the scriptures, and worshiping at church. I am so grateful for all that He has given me. I have felt closer to Him than ever before out here and I am glad I have 19 more months to come even closer to Him."

We just need to seriously pray for Seth and his companion to stay upright on their bikes!

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