Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Home Is Where Memories Are Made

Shortly after I finally finished my holiday decorating yesterday,
 Sarah brought Nathan and Hannah to visit.
Hannah was thrilled with everything and kept
 "sweeping" her arm around while saying "OOOOH."
 She liked the Mickey Mouse on the tree
and the Santas.
She loved the lights all around her.
She kept pointing at them.
When I went upstairs to turn on the stair garland,
 I said "ready, set," and let them say "GO!"
Christmas lights delight children.
So I decorate to make memories for my family.
 Memories bind families together,
especially at Grandma's house.
The decorations in the yard
and the city lights we can see from our windows
  make Grandma's house a special place.
I have little shelves in my kitchen I call the 
"Grandma shelves."
They have small toys and snacks for the kids.
Hannah LOVED the book about Elmo getting clean.
She kept saying, "read it again."
But the overall hit of the day
was the snow globe Nathan spotted 
when he first walked in my house.
He also loves all things trains so I hung this up for him.

We talked about the importance of holding the snow globe tightly so it wouldn't drop and break like Humpty Dumpty did when he fell off the wall. Hannah and Nathan were both delighted by the snow globe and they both played with guessed it....Hannah dropped it and well, let's just say that Nathan really understands the nursery rhyme about Humpty Dumpty now. Ooops. Oh well.

It is a delight to create an atmosphere where memories can be made for my grandchildren. I did it for my children for many years and I think they will always remember the joy we had in our home at Christmas. A home is where memories are made. Homemaking is a valuable endeavor. At least I think so.

Here's a video of Hannah, Nathan and me
right before the snow globe accident. :) Enjoy.

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