Monday, December 23, 2013

I Love Being A Missionary At Christmas!!!!

Seth was sure excited when he emailed home this morning. there were a lot of exclamations points throughout his email. He sounds very, very happy. He's always been a happy person and that's been a good thing for him. He sent a few pictures and he has an ear to ear grin in them. Here's a snippet:

"I love being a missionary at Christmas!!!! It is awesome. It is the most meaningful Christmas season I have ever had. I don't feel homesick. It doesn't exactly feel like Christmas because there is no snow or family.

I love the Savior Jesus Christ. I realize that I am a lot closer to Him than ever before, but now I realize the immense distance that is left as well. I know that He lives. I have felt His love change and refine me. I am one of His authorized representatives.

Love, Elder Freeman

See you Wednesday!! :)"

Looking forward to seeing him on SKYPE just as much.

I'm almost ready for Christmas but for some reason both my feet and ankles are swollen and are killing me and it's making it hard to get things done. I will forge ahead however!
 His mission had an all mission Christmas party on Thursday. We were asked to provide a small gift for them to open at the party besides what we would send them for Christmas. I sent a little box with a CD in it, a little candy, and this Christmas tree ornament of a missionary on a bicycle. Glad he liked it. I'm happy to see the expression on his face when he opened it. It really was a great little ornament. :)

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