Sunday, December 8, 2013

Joseph Smith

We had a very good class today in Relief Society. Our instructor taught a lesson about Joseph Smith. One of the things she mentioned is how much internet slander there is about him. She said there are many, many websites that give false information about him and websites that purposely seek to defame him. She talked about websites that tell outright lies and give false information trying to discredit Joseph and the important work he did being an instrument in the Lord's hands restoring Christ's gospel to the earth.

While our teacher was talking, I thought about this blog. I thought how nice it would be for people who are truly wondering about Joseph Smith to happen on a positive post about him which told the truth about him and bore testimony of him as God's prophet. So I invite anyone who has a positive comment about Joseph Smith or a testimony of him to post a brief thought for honest seekers of truth to read. Negative comments will not be welcomed because there are enough of those already on the internet. Feel free to pass this post on to others.

I have no doubt that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. My testimony of him as a prophet of God is sure and firm. I have a link to it on this blog (my conversion story on the left sidebar) which talks about that testimony in great depth. My testimony of him as a prophet of God came by the power of the Holy Ghost. I have never doubted. I have never questioned his call or role as a prophet because of the powerful witness I received about him when I first learned about him. Knowing he was a mouthpiece for the Lord and acting upon that knowledge daily has blessed my life in countless ways and will be a blessing to me and my posterity throughout eternity as I try to remain faithful to the end.

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  1. We saw this video today in RS. It was amazing and very moving.