Monday, January 6, 2014

Cold Weather In Georgia

Sometimes Seth just makes me laugh. I have been a little worried about him with the extreme cold weather in Georgia reported on the news the past few days. Yesterday I reminded him of the various ways he could get cold weather gear in a hurry if needed because we didn't exactly send him with a lot of it when he left. I loved his response but the last part made me laugh.

"Dear Mom, The cold here is not too bad. The heater works just fine, and we left the pipes running in case of a hard freeze. I am perfectly warm so don't worry about it. I have a ton of layers that I can put on. Also, it is good because the more cold it gets the less bugs and spiders there will be in the summer. Last summer was INSANE how many there are. I think a lot of them died last night though, so that is good. :)"

Good luck with that Son. :) He's a hopeful soul.

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