Monday, February 24, 2014

A Possibility

We have had some sun in the past week and I availed myself of as much of it as possible. It's still winter but I am monitoring to see if it will help like I think it will. We may have narrowed down my health issues. It's possible it is a candida infiltration in my gut. I am beginning to treat it as such and should know in a few days if I respond to medicine. Here's hoping. I had a difficult day yesterday but Saturday was pretty good. I forced myself to take a short walk on Friday and I think that helped.

We had new home teachers yesterday. One of them is a wonderful older man who is as good as they come. His companion is a young 16 year old Aaronic Priesthood holder who he is training. I believe it may have been his first home teaching visit. They asked how we are and I told them I have not been well for two months and how much of a problem it has been for me. As they were getting ready to leave, Jim asked the younger home teacher to leave a prayer in our home. His gentle faith left a deep impression on me. He prayed and asked the Lord to "Bless Sister Freeman to get well and feel great." I have been so unwell that the thought of "feeling great" has not even entered my mind. I thanked him for his prayer. I have thought a lot about it. Not only do I desire to get well but I sure would love the blessing of feeling great. I will continue to add my prayers to his and invoke the Lord's blessings in that regard.

I told Jim last night that I was thinking about the story of the woman in the New Testament who had the issue of blood for 12 years. When she reached out to touch Christ's garment hem; she just wanted the bleeding to stop. As He perceived that power had gone out of Him for healing and He discovered who touched Him for healing He said to her, "Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace." Luke 8:48 I told Jim, "I don't think she was expecting the second part of the blessing; she just wanted the bleeding to stop." When the Lord heals, he heals completely. My new home teacher helped me to see a blessing the Lord can bless me with, not only to get better but to feel great. I really love that thought. Wouldn't that be wonderful? :)

Last night we visited with Sarah and Gregory
 and the grandchildren.
Elisa gave Hannah this Easter hat. 
This is an absolute treasure.
Best picture ever.
I love this one. Nathan was pretending to talk to me on an old cell phone. He went behind the couch and kept "calling me" on mine. He assumed the "position" of his Dad by crossing his legs, leaning back, and closing his eyes part way signaling that it was s serious conversion. It was hilarious.

In other news, I heard back from the publisher who has had my manuscript for the last 6 1/2 months. I received a very touching, thoughtfully worded rejection letter. It could not have been any kinder. In essence they said it did not meet their publishing needs. It also said, "you have a special story to tell" and a few other things that were helpful. After much thought, I decided to just self publish it again. It will take a few weeks to get that prepared. I'll put a link up on my blog when it's ready. I have no desire to make any money off of my books. I have no desire to become a famous author. I'll set the price as low as allowed and just go from there. I think that's a good decision.

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  1. We noticed this pose of Nathan when we were talking to you on the phone that day. I am so glad you caught it with the camera! It is absolutely priceless. Hannah and her Easter bonnet sitting in your lap is great one also!! MIss seeing those kids in person...