Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Historic Catastrophic Storm

The Atlanta area where Seth is serving his mission as well as the rest of the southeast is experiencing what is being billed as a "Historic Catastrophic Storm." The news reports have certainly been alarming as well as the web posting from weather outlets. I never thought Seth would have to deal with winter weather on his mission. We didn't send him prepared to deal with winter weather yet this has been one on the worst winters in Georgia in decades. I have to remind myself that Seth is from Utah and winter weather has been a part of his upbringing. It's second nature to him. I don't like the news reports of store shelves being empty though. We have always been a family who has had food storage on hand and 72 hour kits ready. We had many Family home Evenings over the years dedicated to reviewing our emergency supplies. Seth is smart. I think he'll know what to do in any event. We did get a nice email from his mission president a little while ago telling us that all the missionaries are home yesterday and today and that they are safe. That's a good thought. I'll be praying for all of them. It's tough to contemplate what the weather might bring them today.

I did get to the chiropractor yesterday. My back was a mess. He fixed me up but I am still struggling a lot today.

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