Friday, February 28, 2014

Not Quite Yet

Although I am beginning to feel better, I still battled a fever two nights ago and feel shaky right now with heart palpitations. I am also quite weak and very tired. I think it will be another day of rest unfortunately.

A thought about a verse from my scripture reading:
"Nevertheless, they did not long maintain an entire peace in the land, for there began to be a contention among the people..." Alma 51:2

This is not the only verse of scripture which reminds us that contention is detrimental to the peace in our homes, communities, and our nation. When our kids were growing up we made them hug each other until they stopped fighting. They usually ended up laughing after a while. I also found someone else's suggestion to whisper in response to a teenager raising their voice to me to be effective. Something to ponder. I always say, "It takes two to fight."

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