Tuesday, February 4, 2014

That's A Lot Of Blood

I went to the doctor today. I had a fever while I was there and felt very weak and somewhat dizzy. The doctor was good and gave me a thorough going over. They took 8 vials of blood. If there's something wrong with me, it's bound to show up in one of those vials. I was kind of glad I had the fever. The fact that I felt so lousy also makes it likely that if something is wrong, it will show up. Now I just wait.

Seth seems like he's doing so well. They had 2-3 inches of snow last week which paralyzed metro Atlanta. Some of what he wrote was funny but the pictures of the snow he sent were even funnier because there was so little of it to paralyze Georgia the way it did.
I seriously have no idea how this picture is doing this but it's cool.
 Doesn't look like a lot of snow to me.

Here's what I asked him:
  1. Were you able to stay warm? Mothers ALWAYS worry about those things.
  2. Did you have any traffic issues to deal with?
  3. Did your mission president tell you to stay in and not drive?
  4. Did you have any troubles because of the icy roads?
Here's his response:
Dear Mom,

1. I stayed very warm. The day in the apartment was warm. The day outside I had 6 layers on, so I was just fine. It actually got kind of hot in all that stuff.
2. No traffic issues where I live.
3. Yes
4. No

"... it was wonderful to have snow, but also kind of weird. The mission president knew that we could drive in the snow because we are from Utah, but...the car was grounded for 2 days. The first day we actually had to be in the apartment for most of the day. That involved a lot of map and ward roster updating, and writing some less active members letters. The next day we got out and knocked doors and SO MANY PEOPLE WERE home!!! It was awesome...Then it warmed back up to a nice 65 today. It is like spring in Utah.

The other exciting thing going on. We are going to the Book of Mormon Musical this week. Not to watch it. OH NO!! But to hand out copies of the Book of Mormon and mormon.org cards!! It is in downtown Atlanta. We are so excited. "The musical may entertain for an evening, but the book will change your life."

I know that the Lord loves us. He is always watching over us. I have a testimony that He is hard at work helping the children of men. God is more powerful than the opposition. His tender mercies are all around us. We just have to look. 1 Nephi 1:20."

He also spoke of some of the opportunities he is having teaching people about the gospel. I love the part where he says "God is more powerful than the opposition." That is so true. I love the thought of him handing out copies of The Book of Mormon outside the musical which depicts Mormon missionaries in such bad light. If the theater goers only knew just how wonderful Seth is-so much better than some actor portraying a Mormon missionary using terrible vulgarities to boot. (I just looked on the website selling tickets to that silly musical in Atlanta. Ticket prices are selling between $200-$300.) Seriously? To make fun of the Mormons? Gee, Seth will give anyone interested a Book of Mormon for free and as he says..."the book will change your life." Looking forward to next week's email for sure.

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