Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is It Over?

Gratefully, and that's an understatement, I have not have a fever in four nights. I was weak yesterday and tired but no fever. This morning I decided to be brave and go swimming again. I tried it last week but it gave me a fever and I wasn't well the rest of the day. I had more energy than the last time. I ate well before I went. I will lay low the rest of the day and see what happens this evening. I sure hope this long ordeal is over. I asked my family to fast for me last weekend and I had a great deal of comfort knowing they were uniting their faith and prayers on my behalf.

I've been treating my suspected Candida infiltration with a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil every day and two tablets of non-odor (although that's debatable) kyolic aged-garlic tablets. I also have been having some kefir everyday in a shake and taking a good probiotic while trying to decrease the amount of sugar in my diet. These are suggestions for natural treatments I found on the internet because I couldn't tolerate the Nystatin. Things seem to be improving.

The proof copy of my book is coming tomorrow. Actually, three of them are coming and we'll get three sets of eyes on them before it's gets passed on to publishing, but I like it. That's been keeping me  busy with my writing. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.

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