Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Three Year Old Perspective

I tended Nathan and Hannah yesterday because Sarah needed to go out of town for a clogging competition. It was Gregory's birthday and although they celebrated it Thursday evening as a family, I thought I should do something for him as well. Unfortunately, Gregory was up in the night with a bad stomach flu and needed to stay home from work. His plan was to pick the kids up at 6:00. I bought him two giant beautifully decorated cupcakes and Jim was scheduled to bring Thai food home for dinner.

Gregory arrived at 5:30 looking absolutely awful. He wore a surgical mask as to not spread the germs. His eyes were sunken, he had huge dark circles under them, and they were the red eyes of a sick person. He went into work for two hours despite his sickness and I think that was too much for him. He sat down and I gave him Tylenol right off the bat.

As soon as he came into the kitchen Nathan said, "Look daddy, Grandma Liz got you a birthday present, it's a book." So much for telling a three year old what was in the SURPRISE present.

Gregory sat in the living room looking like he was about to pass out when not too long after, we heard paper crinkling. Sure enough, it was Nathan who had just OPENED Gregory's present and said, "Look Daddy, it's a book." Gregory was a good sport about it. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Jim never arrived until 6:15 which made me a little nervous because Gregory looked like he obviously needed to go home and rest. We at dinner which the kids didn't like because they weren't the staple "noodles and sprinkle cheese" which is their favorite. I thought it was really good.

We lit the candles on the giant, and I mean giant carrot cake cupcake and Gregory let Nathan blow them out because he didn't want to blow germs all over the table which was probably a pretty smart idea. Nathan was thrilled with the whole thing and although he knew it was his Dad's birthday, he got the benefit of the birthday present opening and candle blowing which from the perspective of a three year old is the best part of a birthday.

Live and learn. In hindsight, it was pretty funny. So much for surprises.

I love those kids. :)

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