Saturday, April 26, 2014


I attended a funeral this morning for a dear man in our ward. It was a lovely funeral in every way and a fitting tribute to a very good man.

As I was leaving, I said hello to many of our ward members as I usually do. A very dear woman in our ward who lost her husband when Jim first became Bishop wanted to talk to me for a minute. She is 96 and amazingly spry and active with all her faculties about her. She is an incredibly good woman and deeply spiritual.

A few weeks ago she left a message on my answering machine about my book The Dawn of Redeeming Grace. I gave it to her two Christmas' ago. She said she was reading it again for Easter and she wanted me to know how touched she was by it. That was very humbling.

Today she grabbed both of my hands, looked me in the eyes, and told me she reads a few lines from my book every evening before she goes to sleep because it gives her great comfort. I was very touched by that comment. I said, "Not many people know I wrote that book." She said, "They should."

I am grateful that she is finding in my book what I hoped people would find. I am humbled and grateful that I can serve others in this way.
"A writer only begins a book.
 A reader finishes it." 
Samuel Johnson

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