Friday, May 9, 2014

Fixing Cars, Buying Cars, Driving In Cars, And The Passage of Time

1) Fixing Cars: Jim has been to two places this week getting estimates on getting his car fixed. He's had to go into work late and I've been driving him to work and picking him up.

2) Buying Cars: Elisa has gotten the final estimate on her car and how much the other guy's car insurance will pay her. He he totaled her car when he hit her. She's been doing a lot of research to find a new car to replace her old car to the point of exhaustion. She has one in mind and will take a hard look at it tomorrow.

3) Driving in Cars: Ian and Jessa have been driving across country this week headed east because he has an internship this summer in Connecticut. I LOVE Connecticut. I might have to go for a visit. :) We'll see. Unfortunately, poor Jessa is in the throes of morning sickness and has had a time of it making the trek. They are taking their time and should be there Sunday if all goes well.
4) The Passage of Time: I was reminded of our own trek from the east to here two weeks after we were married. It was a LONG trip, but we were happy and we were together. Elisa offered to fly Jessa to their destination, but Jessa said she would be OK and that she just wanted to be with Ian. Sweet.

Lastly, I miss Seth. But I get to talk to him on Sunday for Mother's Day. I am SO looking forward to it.
Which reminds me of the Mother's Day call when Ian was a missionary. How I love those missionary calls!!
Ian when he was a missionary on a Mother's Day call home.
And now he's going to be a father.
 Wasn't it just yesterday when he was my baby?

Ah, the passage of time.


  1. We've just arrived in Connecticut safe and sound. Jessa had a hard time battling sickness the whole way. It was bad but not unmanagable and we feel blessed for that. Jessa is a trooper for driving the whole way with me. Pregnancy is hard, but we can't wait for the prize at the end! I am so grateful for a loving mother who endured 9 months of pregnancy for me, and the 22 years that followed :). I am grateful for the wonderful lessons she has taught me over the years and the example of love and testimony she has always been for me. I love you mom! Happy mothers day!

    1. Thanks for being the amazing man you've become. I feel blessed that God trusted me enough to be your mother. You are the gift your name suggests "God's gracious gift." I "love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." Sappy I know, but that book always makes me think of you when you were a little boy. I love you Son...Forever.