Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Son

Today is Seth's birthday. It's always a little tender for a mother of a missionary when she can't talk with one of their children on their birthday. I take comfort in knowing that Seth said that somebody in the ward was going to feed them dinner and they knew it was his birthday so I assume some good woman somewhere made my son a cake for his birthday and stepped in where I cannot. For that, I am grateful. Happy 20th Son, I hope you've had a wonderful day. We miss you.

We had a busy week this week because we celebrated Pioneer Day on Thursday. It's a fabulous tradition that Utah has making July 24th a state holiday so that we can remember the pioneers who settled the Salt lake Valley at such tremendous sacrifice for us. I met Sarah and the kids at the parade and we loved it.
Hannah had a great time
 waving to everybody and clapping.
Nathan liked it but thought things
were a bit too loud. :)
I loved it because I LOVE parades!
Gregory joined us a little later after his bike ride.
This float made me think of Seth.
 Pioneers aplenty.
This one was my favorite depicting
 the pioneers crossing the ocean.
Later we had a BBQ.
And swimming!!

It was a nice day. Jim and I sat on the deck at 10 pm and watched the fireworks. We had a nice view and we reminisced about the years our children were all home and how much fun we've had on the 24th over the years. It's just us now, but we still enjoy celebrating the day. I think the pioneers would like that.

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  1. BUT! You are supposed to come sit on our lawn and watch with us!