Sunday, August 17, 2014

Family Reunion

Jim's dad's side of the family held a family reunion this past weekend in Idaho. It was a lot of fun. Here's a few pictures.
We had a great time.
Sarah went with us.
And Hannah and Nathan.
Jim's parents hosted it.
His dad is doing so well.
Technically he drowned two years ago.
 He's doing great now.
The kids loved the barrel train.
Love this one of Jim's mom
 surrounded by some of her posterity.
Hannah is cute no matter where she goes.
 The location was really nice.
Jim and his sisters.
Reunions are just good things.


  1. Barrel train is amazing. Guess Jim's dad built this? What a grandparent/great grandparent thing to do! Such fun for the kids! And adults!

    1. Actually another man built it, it was his property and he allowed the use of it. It was a HUGE hit and Nathan loved it, of course. Nathan said his favorite thing was the teeter-totter though which surprises me because he loves all things trains!! Hannah was loved by all, no surprise to either of us. :)