Sunday, August 24, 2014

Social Media

Earlier this week I heard a  
talk by Elder Bednar about social media.
I was deeply moved by his talk. I have always found it to be a wonderful experience to hear the words of one of the Lord's Apostles, and feel in that moment that it was as if the Lord was speaking the words Himself. That's how I felt about his talk. A lot of light bulbs went off in my mind, it made perfect sense to me, and I knew I needed to act on what I heard.

Because of hearing that talk, feeling the Spirit as I heard it, and and deciding to act on it; I joined Pinterest and Twitter, and I have been on Instagram for a while. It's been eye-opening and delightful. I am so thankful for the Apostles of the Lord. They have always been a blessing in my life.

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  1. This is so fun! I watched Elder Bednar's talk and loved it. I am excited to follow you. I still read your blog faithfully, I just don't have a chance to comment often because I am usually reading it quick from my phone. :) I happened to be on my computer tonight and thought I would leave some love!