Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet The Mormons

It seems I haven't blogged in almost two weeks. I guess I have been busy. I spent all last week getting my book ready to send to my editor. I sent it off on Friday. That was time consuming but very enjoyable.

I went to Women's Conference Saturday evening in the Conference Center. I went with Sarah and my mom. It is always enjoyable.

I am aware that there will be a theatrical release of Meet the Mormons coming to select cities in the U.S. on October 10th. On a whim I looked up which cities would be playing the movie. It turns out that it will play near where Seth is serving his mission. This is what he said about it when I asked him: "Yeah, we know all about it. We are inviting people to it all the time. We got a sneak preview of it on Tuesday. It was AMAZING!! The Spirit is so strong in that film. You should definitely see it. You will love it. Invite everyone you know." I hear it is supposed to be good and now Seth gives it a good recommendation too.  
                 The song David Archuletta recorded for the movie.                   

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