Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Genealogy Wednesday Finds!

Genealogy Wednesday results: Tonight I had the great privilege of finding 10 great grandparents, all direct ancestors. There were 2 sets of 7th, 2 sets of 8th, and 1 set of 9th great grandparents-all the way back to the mid-1600's!
 They are all from Lieser, Rhineland, Germany along the beautiful Mosel River.
I also found many others as well. It is a WONDERFUL feeling!! HAPPY, HAPPY DAY!

Update: I actually found four more sets making it a total of 18 direct great grandparents. This has been humbling, gratifying, and overwhelming. It brings tears to my eyes. It's hard to put into words how joyful this feels. I am happy for my ancestors and happy for me. Someday I will meet them. That alone is an overwhelming feeling. I can now trace one line back to the mid-1500's to my 12th great grandparents. :)

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